DIY Choker


I am loving the choker trend recently because it's so easy to DIY. It's really versatile, and will go with almost any look.

SF MoMA Preview

SF MoMA is Back

After 3 years of being closed, SF MoMA is back! Since we were so excited that it's finally coming back, we decided to become a member, and we were able to preview it before the official public opening on May 14th. Now the space is 3 times bigger, and the building itself is a work of art. It was designed by a New York- and Oslo-based company called Snøhetta.

Even the outside of the exterior of the building is beautiful. 

The eastern façade, inspired in part by the waters of the San Francisco Bay, comprises more than 700 uniquely shaped FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer) panels affixed to a curtain-wall system to create rippling horizontal bands. Silicate crystals from Monterey Bay embedded in the surfaces of the panels catch the changing light and cause the façade to shift in appearance throughout the day.

Another favorite of mine is this huge minimalist sculpture called Sequence by Richard Serra. It was created in Germany, then traveled to New York, Los Angeles, and now in San Francisco. The lights and the shadows it casts is so beautiful - on top of that, it's open to the public for free on Howard Street Gallery.

How did they even bring this piece in here? Here's the answer:

And of course, many many more to see!

Susan Kare, who is also my colleague at Pinterest

Susan Kare, who is also my colleague at Pinterest

Google glass! #tbt

Google glass! #tbt

What I Wore

Dress - Tibi Alternastripe Dress
Shoes - H&M Sneakers
Choker - WEGO
Sunglasses - Céline Lea Sunglasses in Dark Havana Acetate and Metal

I loved wearing this dress from Tibi last weekend when the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I paired it with white sneakers and white leather tote bag to balance it out. Also, the hottest trend this year - the choker that I got in Tokyo is making a debut. 

Postcard from NYC #ootd

Bomber Jacket - TOPSHOP
Cardigan - Everlane The Cashmere Cardigan
Dress - & Other Stories Cupro Maxi Dress
Shoes - Silence + Noise Chunky Lace-Up Oxford
Sunglasses - Céline Lea Sunglasses in Dark Havana Acetate and Metal
Bag - Dagne Dover The 13-inch Tote

I was in NYC 2 weeks ago for work, but got to spend a day hanging out with Takeshi and walking around the neighborhoods. It was a pretty busy and quick trip, but I was able to stop by & Other Stories (they only have stores in NY in the US!) and pick up this gorgeous dress. The back is fully open and can't wait to wear it when it's warmer :)

先々週出張でNYに数日いたのですが、1日滞在を延長して、Takeshiと一緒にブラブラしてきました。かなりバタバタでしたが、& Other Stories というストックホルム発のブランドで、アメリカにはNYにしか店舗がないブランドがオフィスの近くにあり、ワンピースをゲットできました!背中ががばっと開いた可愛いデザインなので、もっと暑くなるのが楽しみです :)

5 Reasons Your Earphones Should Go Cordless With Sudio VASA

Sudio VASA

I have had a few headphones and earphones in my life, and before I got my hands on the Sudio VASA, I was using the earphones that come with the iPhones for the everyday use on my commute and at work. While they have no major problems, when I switched to VASA, I don't want to switch back.


Here's why:

1. less cords, less tangle in your bag

Sudio VASA

VASA only has cords that go around your neck from both sides of the ear, and the flat cords makes it less likely to get tangled up in your bag. It also comes with a leather pouch that you can store it in when on the go.


2. sudio earphones just looks so cool

Sudio VASA

I went with the black x rose gold color. I love the minimal design of it. No wonder, it's Swedish design! :) There's white, blue, and pink too.


3. works great when you’re working and on your commute

Sudio VASA

I usually walk to work, but whether you're taking the bus or the train, it's so annoying when your cords get stuck on something. (I've had awkward moments when my cord gets tangled with a random dude's bag on the trains of Tokyo... yikes!) Or, when you're working at your desk, and have coffee, paper, other stuff on there as well, the last thing you want to do is knock over your cup on everything. Going cordless let's me focus on the actual work and worry free. It's super fast to connect to my laptop too via bluetooth.

私は最近徒歩通勤ですが、バスでも電車でも、コードがどこかに引っかかってしまうと、本当に気まずい…。東京で電車通勤だったころは、イアフォンのコードにサラリーマンのカバンに引っかかって携帯がふっとんだことがあったりしましたw オフィスでデスクワークをしているときも、PCで音楽を聞いていると、コードにコーヒーを引っ掛けるんじゃないかと気をつけながら仕事をしていましたが、これならそんな心配もなく集中できます。PCからBluetooth経由でつなげるのもとても速くて快適です。

4. battery charges with micro USB charger

Sudio VASA

You can charge the earphone with a micro USB charger. It lasts up to 8 hours.


5. you get a discount

Last but not least, you get a discount of 15% when you use the promo code blossomlink! So get it for yourself, or the digital fashionista in your life. Head on over to their site!

なんとオフィシャルサイトでお買い物の際、blossomlink というコードを入れると、15%オフになります!自分で使うもいいですし、プレゼントにもぴったりだと思います!是非お試しください。


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


2016/9/23 Updated promo code expiration date - never! プロモコードの有効期限がなくしていただいたので、更新。

Looking Back: 2015

Happy New Year! Hope you're having a wonderful holidays with your friends and family.

2015 has been a HUGE year for me. I started my year in London and Berlin, had my wedding, moved from Tokyo to San Francisco, made new friends, and had a lot of exciting stuff going on at work. I also posted 33 blog posts this year, and started talking on a podcast show. 

Here are some of the highlights of the year:

Our Wedding in Tokyo

Romantic Wedding

We got married in 2014, but we had our wedding in Tokyo this year in March. It was the best day of my life.


"Jumpstart" was definitely the highlight at work this year. 90 days working with these talented and fun team has been such an honor for me, and I had learned so much through this project.

Moving to SF

After 13 years away from the US, I moved to the beautiful cit of San Francisco this year. I finally started a new life living with Takeshi, and started working at the SF Headquarters at Pinterest. I love living in SF and I have so much yet to discover.










Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Thanks to everyone who traveled with, or met up with me on the road! Hope there's even more in 2016.

Lots of Photos!

A huge thanks to Takeshi, who has been the biggest supporter of what I love doing, and the best partner in crime - taking photos of me throughout the year! I could never be able to do it without you. 

I am so thankful that I have been able to work with many fun projects this year, and looking forward to another year of learning, creating, and adventures. Hope your year is full of amazing things!

Slashed Lights

It's been too long! Let's see... what's new? I got a new haircut that I absolutely love which also made it super easy to maintain, and it's the holiday season! I've been keeping myself pretty busy talking on podcasts on (also hosting the spin-off show G-side which you can see some posts on this website here) and writing for the Digital Fashion magazing, DiFa. Some crazy travels to Kentucky and Japan, as well as lots of things happening at work.

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