Looking Up

This 2 piece could be one of my favorites from the summer. I bought them in Bangkok, from a brand called Jaspal which is a Thai brand. I am so happy that i got this, because it is great when you are traveling. You can wear it together, or separately using the top or the skirt only.

このツーピースは、今年の夏のお買い物で一番気に入っているもの。タイブランドの Jaspal で買いました。旅行や出張で、こういったツーピースを持っていると、一緒に着てもいいし、上下別に着てもいいので、重宝します。

Yuka Yamaguchiさん(@0oyukao0)が投稿した写真 -

It was Fleet Week, the Blue Angels were flying, and everyone on the street stopped and was looking up at the sky. It was a beautiful clear day, and that made looking up an even more pleasant thing to do.


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