3 Tips on making your legs look longer

Tshirt - Madewell
Denim Shirt - DHOLIC
Shorts - Babaton
Heels - Moussy
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

I hate to say that I have short legs, but I do want to make them look longer as much as possible. Here are the 3 tips I came up with for making your legs look longer. Hope they work for you too!

1. Match the color of your legs with the color of your shoes

If you're bare legs are showing, wear shoes that are nude or beige color. If you're wearing tights or pants in a dark color, wear shoes that have the same dark shade color. This may sound crazy, but by matching these the eye sees your legs and cannot tell where your leg actually ends, and creating an illusion of longer legs.

2. Wear bottoms with slits

I love these shorts from Babaton because the side is a bit shorter than the rest. This is not actually a slit, but slits can also play the same trick that by showing more skin on the side, it creates a vertical impression, and in result, making your legs look longer.

3. Higher waist, longer legs

I am so glad that the low hangers are no longer here. Wearing high waisted bottoms makes your waist look like they start higher up, and again, elongates your legs.

Do you have any secret tips that you use? Please let me know!


StyleYuka Ohishitips, sf