Brand your wedding | 結婚式をブランディングする

When you are preparing for your wedding, the first thing you want to do is to decide on a theme. I have learned along the way that finding a theme and creating a brand is totally different. Branding is a lot more strict process of saying no to pretty things and it could be difficult, but it will make your life so much easier if you think ahead and create your one sheeter. Here's how:


Find your style | スタイルをみつける

If you don't have a Pinterest board for your dream wedding, make one. Pin wedding inspiration like crazy. Don't worry if they don't follow a specific style. After you gathered a fair amount (preferably more than a hundred pins), go back to your board, and find a pattern in the things you pinned. What style, theme, or colors are dominating your board? For me, I realized I had a lot of green, and I liked rustic, natural style, more than classic or modern style.

もしもまだあなたの理想のウェディングのインスピレーションを Pinterest で集めていなかったら、真っ先にボードを作ってください!何も考えずに一心不乱に、素敵だと思ったピンをどんどん集めていくこと。その際、テーマのことや色のことは完全に無視してください。100個位集めてから見返すと、意外に一貫性や軸が見つかるんです。私の場合は、クラシックな感じや、モダンな感じよりも、ナチュラルでレトロな雰囲気が好きだということに、この作業をしてみてから気付きました。(ちなみにプロポーズされる気配がないときから集めてましたw)

Find a theme | テーマを決める

Ask yourselves questions like: What is the things that matter to my partner and I? What are the things I want to send as a message to my guests?

For us, after our wedding in Tokyo, I will relocate to San Francisco, and we wanted to let our guests get a glimpse of what San Francisco is like, and make them want to come visit us some day! Japanese weddings are usually very formal and traditional, but I wanted ours to be casual, happy, and fun. We decided on "San Francisco Picnic" as our theme, and I am super excited about it! The theme should be aligned with the "style" you chose from step 1.



Brand your wedding | ブランディングをする

I made a visual document where I clearly defined how I wanted to "brand" my wedding. By "branding", I mean that you need to figure out what your logo will look like, what typography you will use, what is your color palette, etc. By clearly defining and making it into a 1-2 pager document, you can easily share that with everyone involved in making your wedding come true: your wedding planner, caterer, florist, etc. 

I think a lot of people share their Pinterest boards and that is fine, but I think that having this "branding" idea in mind will help you decide on so many things at the end, and make your wedding feel more put together.


多くの方がテーマを決めたり、Pinterest ボードをプランナーさんと共有したりすることはすると思うのですが、もう一歩先の「ブランディング」をきっちり決めることで、最終アウトプットのクオリティが格段に上がるような気がします。これをベースに色々なことを決めていくのが楽しみです!

Above is an example from Burnett’s Boards. Unfortunately, I can't show you mine, because that would ruin all the fun :)

私が作ったぺらいちは、当日までのお楽しみということで、残念ながらお見せできませんが、ウェディングブログの Burnett’s Boards で上記のようなものを公開していますので、是非参考にしてみてくださいね。