Always Be Knolling

I did not realize before I became a hardcore Pinterest user that I have an extraordinary affection to photographs that are taken a certain way. I did not know what this was called so I could not do a google search, so I kept on finding and pinning from "related pins". I just found out that this is called "knolling" and it is "the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization." 

Pinterest をヘビーユースするまで気付かなかったけど、ある手法で撮られた写真が異常に好きだということに気づいた。その手法の名前を知らなかったため、Googleで検索できず、Pinterest でも言葉で検索せずに「関連するピン」を辿って行き、地道にコレクションしてきた。そして今日、同じやり方で画像を探していたら、その手法の名前をボード名にしている人を発見した。それは「ノーリング」というらしく、『似ている物体を並行または直角に整理していく手法』だそうだ。

It doesn't have to be perfectly "knolled" in order to capture my heart, but I am insanely in love with photographs taken from directly above the objects. Weird, I know, but it's so cool...


Here is the collection I have collected on Pinterest. 


Industrial Stuff / 工業的なもの

Fashionable Stuff / おしゃれなもの

Do you love these as much as I do? I know I'm not the only one...!

Yuka Ohishi