#motivationmondays "small steps everyday"

It's been 2 weeks since my last #motivationmondays post! I had been studying a lot of illustrator lately! Unfortunately this one is made with Photoshop, but I've designed some logos for blogs recently. So excited to share them soon!

Usually when I choose my quote for this series, I just choose from my favorite quotes, but turns out every time I'm choosing words that I need for myself right now. It's a great way to reflect on what is going on, what I'm going through. Recently, I think I am feeling anxious for no particular reason. I think it's because there are so many amazing people around me who are so accomplished and talented. I need to take a step back and take "small steps everyday", because no one is accomplished or talented from day one.

少し間が空いてしまいましたが、#motivationmondays です!最近はイラレの勉強を頑張っていて、もう少ししたらデザインしたらロゴを紹介できると思います。これはフォトショを使ったんですけどねw 写真は去年の夏、ラスベガスの郊外で行われた EDM というフェスに行ったときに道中のバスで撮ったもの。砂漠の先に街が見えて、遠く感じるけど少しずつ進むしかないという、このメッセージに合っているような気がします。