Monochrome Winter

Hat - arth
Sweater - Brandy Melville
Coat - Karl Lagerfeld
Pants - 2% Tokyo
Shoes - Zara

I have been trying to minimalize and simplify my wardrobe recently. Having great quality essential pieces is ideal, but very hard to achieve. For starters, I have been thinking about looking for monochrome palettes. Here's my inspiration:


My nails are now white and gold! I'm so ready for the new years :) It was inspired by this pin!


2014 is almost over! There's so much I want to do before it ends though! Hope you are having a relaxing time:)

あと数日で 2014 年も終わりですね!まだまだやり残したことがたくさんあるので、今年中に片付けられるといいな。