The Palm Springs Punch

How to make The Palm Springs Punch | by @0oyuka0

5 bags of English Breakfast
1 cup sugar
2+ cups lemonade
1+ cup vodka
1 lemon worth of lemon juice
2 lemons sliced
Ice cubes

  1. Distill 5 tea bags in 8 cups of hot water until it's completely cooled down.
  2. Put lemonade, lemon juice, sugar, and vodka into the tea. Mix until sugar is dissolved.
  3. Pour it into a container with a spigot. We used this one from Aladdin.
  4. Add ice cubes right before serving, and enjoy :)

I used the recipe from punch bowls & pitcher drinks, and customized it a bit since the original recipe needed a lot of lemons and so much sugar! I think this version is a bit more budget friendly and calorie friendly at the same time. We took this to a bbq party today, and was happy to get many compliments :) I gave the jar and the book to Takeshi for his birthday, and I hope we will be making many more drinks onwards!