7 Things To Do in Portland

7 things I loved doing in Portland, Oregon

We were in Portland for the long weekend this month, and wanted to share some of the favorite things we did while we were there!

Stay: Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel Portland, the famous lobby

We stayed at the Ace Hotel with the iconic HOTEL marquee sign. 

Ace Hotel Portland at night
Ace Hotel Portland

The room was clean and tiny, and since we had a "shared" room, which meant there is no bathroom in the room. We needed to use the shower and bathroom down the hall, which felt a bit odd at first, but since we were there to just sleep, it didn't turn out to be so bad.

Take a retro photobooth photo in the Ace Hotel Portland lobby

Even if you're not staying in the hotel, you should come visit the lobby and hangout - maybe get a coffee next door at the Stumptown coffee. If you are a photobooth junkie like me, you should try the retro photobooth right by the entrance. It's actually developed photograph which makes it even more special!


Ace Hotel Portland
Address: 1022 SW Stark St.
Phone: 503.228.2277

Hike: Angel's Rest

Angel's Rest Trailhead
Angel's Rest Trailhead

We spontaneously decided to rent a car and drive out from the city for half an hour to go hiking on the Angel's Rest Trailhead. It was beautiful there, but it wasn't an easy hike if you're a hiking n00b like me... Be sure to pack water and good walking shoes if you plan to go! After 2.4 miles going up for 2000 feet, you will see a beautiful view of the Columbia River.

Read: Powell's City of Books

Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon
Hang out in Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon
Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon

Powell's City of Books is also an iconic place in Portland. It feels like an authentic version of Daikanyama T-site in Tokyo. Other than the large selection of used and un-used books, there are fun souvenirs, lots of board games, and a coffee shop inside the bookstore.


Powell's City of Books
Address: 1005 W Burnside St.
Phone: 503.228.4651

Eat: Olympia Provisions

Olympia Provisions in Portland, Oregon
Olympia Provisions in Portland, Oregon

Olympia Provisions is located in the industrial district in the South East of Portland. It's a bit difficult to find the restaurant, since it's hidden inside a huge industrial building. When you walk in, you'll be so happy you didn't give up on searching for it. Their Chef's Choice Charcuterie board is a must!


Olympia Provisions Southeast Restaurant
Address: 107 SE Washington
Phone: 503.954.3663

Drink: Pépé le Moko

Pépé le Moko in Portland, Oregon
The Grasshopper at Pépé le Moko in Portland, Oregon
Bartender at Pépé le Moko in Portland, Oregon
Takeshi at Pépé le Moko in Portland, Oregon

We took a late night visit to Pépé le Moko on our first night in Portland. It was very dark, industrial bunker bar near the Ace Hotel. It had the 70's-ish, Berlin-ish vibe to it (in a very good way) and we loved it. Taking photos under the dim lights there made everything look even more amazing. 


Pépé le Moko
Address: 407 SW 10th Ave
Phone: 503.546.8537

Shop: Milk Milk Lemonade

Milk Milk Lemonade in Portland, Oregon

Milk Milk Lemonade is a cute little shop mainly showcasing a perfume line OLO, by self taught perfumer Heather Sielaff, and other carefully hand curated things from all over the world. I personally was happy to see a lot of Japanese goods sold there.

I bought the Spartan from OLO, which has scents of pine, cedar, sage, and tequila (!) in it. It comes in a cute roller bottle that is easy to carry around in your makeup bag. I did not get to meat Heather, but was able to chat with her husband who was greeting everyone who came in and offering a drink since it was such a hot day. 


Milk Milk Lemonade
Address: 1407 SE Belmont St
Phone: 503.970.1173

Shop: Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods in Portland, Oregon

Tanner Goods has a flagship store in Portland, which has the full collection, and some special things you can do, such as customizing belts, or adding a monogram. I got a camera strap here for my new camera, and I love it! I'm looking forward to getting it to age beautifully as I use it for a long time.


Tanner Goods
Address: 1308 W Burnside
Phone: 503-222-2774