#motivationmondays "Your only limit is you"

"Your only limit is you" from www.blossomlink.me by @0oyukao0

Happy first Monday of the month! I wanted to share this one today since I remembered what was on my mind around this time 4 years ago. It was right after I graduated from college, started my first internship in Tokyo, and visited the Bay Area with friends. Every single thing that happened during that trip seemed so fresh and magical to me: the people I met, the things we talked about, the photos we took.

Although I'm not the brave, young, naive girl I used to be, I am so happy where I am today, and hopeful for what's next. I have learned that the limit is always what you think you can/can't do, and the only way to push your boundaries is by knowing more about what's possible for anyone, and most importantly, for yourself. Right now, I am at the stage where I am absorbing so much to push the boundaries bit by bit (or byte by byte?) everyday. I don't know what's next, but I'm still enjoying the world expanding.