5 Reasons Your Earphones Should Go Cordless With Sudio VASA

Sudio VASA

I have had a few headphones and earphones in my life, and before I got my hands on the Sudio VASA, I was using the earphones that come with the iPhones for the everyday use on my commute and at work. While they have no major problems, when I switched to VASA, I don't want to switch back.


Here's why:

1. less cords, less tangle in your bag

Sudio VASA

VASA only has cords that go around your neck from both sides of the ear, and the flat cords makes it less likely to get tangled up in your bag. It also comes with a leather pouch that you can store it in when on the go.


2. sudio earphones just looks so cool

Sudio VASA

I went with the black x rose gold color. I love the minimal design of it. No wonder, it's Swedish design! :) There's white, blue, and pink too.


3. works great when you’re working and on your commute

Sudio VASA

I usually walk to work, but whether you're taking the bus or the train, it's so annoying when your cords get stuck on something. (I've had awkward moments when my cord gets tangled with a random dude's bag on the trains of Tokyo... yikes!) Or, when you're working at your desk, and have coffee, paper, other stuff on there as well, the last thing you want to do is knock over your cup on everything. Going cordless let's me focus on the actual work and worry free. It's super fast to connect to my laptop too via bluetooth.

私は最近徒歩通勤ですが、バスでも電車でも、コードがどこかに引っかかってしまうと、本当に気まずい…。東京で電車通勤だったころは、イアフォンのコードにサラリーマンのカバンに引っかかって携帯がふっとんだことがあったりしましたw オフィスでデスクワークをしているときも、PCで音楽を聞いていると、コードにコーヒーを引っ掛けるんじゃないかと気をつけながら仕事をしていましたが、これならそんな心配もなく集中できます。PCからBluetooth経由でつなげるのもとても速くて快適です。

4. battery charges with micro USB charger

Sudio VASA

You can charge the earphone with a micro USB charger. It lasts up to 8 hours.


5. you get a discount

Last but not least, you get a discount of 15% when you use the promo code blossomlink! So get it for yourself, or the digital fashionista in your life. Head on over to their site!

なんとオフィシャルサイトでお買い物の際、blossomlink というコードを入れると、15%オフになります!自分で使うもいいですし、プレゼントにもぴったりだと思います!是非お試しください。


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


2016/9/23 Updated promo code expiration date - never! プロモコードの有効期限がなくしていただいたので、更新。