SF MoMA Preview

SF MoMA is Back

After 3 years of being closed, SF MoMA is back! Since we were so excited that it's finally coming back, we decided to become a member, and we were able to preview it before the official public opening on May 14th. Now the space is 3 times bigger, and the building itself is a work of art. It was designed by a New York- and Oslo-based company called Snøhetta.

Even the outside of the exterior of the building is beautiful. 

The eastern façade, inspired in part by the waters of the San Francisco Bay, comprises more than 700 uniquely shaped FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer) panels affixed to a curtain-wall system to create rippling horizontal bands. Silicate crystals from Monterey Bay embedded in the surfaces of the panels catch the changing light and cause the façade to shift in appearance throughout the day.

Another favorite of mine is this huge minimalist sculpture called Sequence by Richard Serra. It was created in Germany, then traveled to New York, Los Angeles, and now in San Francisco. The lights and the shadows it casts is so beautiful - on top of that, it's open to the public for free on Howard Street Gallery.

How did they even bring this piece in here? Here's the answer:

And of course, many many more to see!

Susan Kare , who is also my colleague at Pinterest

Susan Kare, who is also my colleague at Pinterest

Google glass! #tbt

Google glass! #tbt

What I Wore

Dress - Tibi Alternastripe Dress
Shoes - H&M Sneakers
Choker - WEGO
Sunglasses - Céline Lea Sunglasses in Dark Havana Acetate and Metal

I loved wearing this dress from Tibi last weekend when the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I paired it with white sneakers and white leather tote bag to balance it out. Also, the hottest trend this year - the choker that I got in Tokyo is making a debut.